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The Biggest Bang for Your Buck:  The Honeymoon

An engaged couple had been working to complete the never-ending list wedding planning tasks.  So many details and tasks can be overwhelming and confusing.  With stress building, it was time to change the subject and focus on the part of wedding festivities that would reward them for their hard work in planning such a special life event and honor their new marriage:  the honeymoon.  With a shortlist of luxury, specific budget, and a very specific amount of money designated for the deposit they were determined to make the experience simple and enjoyable.  Following the guidance of a professional they felt confident in the honeymoon planning process.  The honeymoon is now booked and they know, for certain, that they will get to celebrate their vows with a dream honeymoon.  They will get to enjoy an adults-only oasis situated on a vibrant island known for it’s beautiful beaches.

"Thank you for being patient with us."

-C. Readinger

surprise the bride:  The Honeymoon

A soon-to-be groom is tasked with planning the honeymoon and surprising her!  The “Honey-to-do-List” just became overwhelming.  They had only discussed a few things they wanted and with no experience planning such an event he was stunned.  Luckily for him, his fiance’ was ahead of the game, and directed him to a trusted travel planner.  He immediately felt relief and was thankful to have guidance!  Just by sharing both of their likes/ dislikes he was able to easily choose the vacation package that spoke directly to them as a couple.  He was elated to have the task taken care of and couldn’t wait to share with his bride where they would spend the first week of married life:  at a world-renown resort known for it’s service, food, and luxurious accommodations.  He feels confident informing his fiance’ that the honeymoon is booked and she doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

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Saving for High Hopes: The Honeymoon

A newly married couple postponed their honeymoon to save money.  When they thought they had saved enough, they were overwhelmed.  They knew they wanted a tropical destination, but they had never traveled outside of the country and needed to use their money wisely.  They were worried they could only afford a cruise and would have to settle with sharing their honeymoon with thousands of their “closest friends”.  They really wanted a more intimate experience for such a special trip.  They decided that in order to get the most value they needed to consult a professional.  From that moment on, their confusion became clarity and their stress melted into excitement.  They began to enjoy the experience of planning their dream honeymoon.  Their dream honeymoon was in the form of a romantic vacation at a beautiful luxury resort that caters to their preferences.  They saved more money than a cruise would have allowed them to do!  Everyone is thrilled.

THE GREAT ESCAPE:  Family Vacation

A family of 4, wanted to take a family vacation.  In between balancing work schedules, extracurricular activities, and the everyday hustle they needed a break and their specific travel dates were quickly approaching.   One wanted nothing more than to relax.  The kids wanted to explore and the other thought the best way to bond would be to go deep sea fishing.  With lots of ideas and little time, they needed a third-party professional to find the compromise.  After looking at logistics and pricing for a handful of options they chose the option that allowed them to be close and bond as a family and/or allowed them space to enjoy themselves in whichever fashion they chose.  The property offered the perfect mix of activities to keep everyone happy and relaxed.  They saved money too, thus giving them the best value.


An engaged couple was ready to look at honeymoon options.  They haven’t traveled much and knew they were not equipped with enough knowledge to make an educated decision on the honeymoon destination.  Following the footsteps of their best friends they enlisted the help of Soulshine Travel Company.  Knowing that the process works, they really cherished every moment of the planning process.  With every possible option presented to them, they simply selected what they liked the most.  By doing so, they were able to generate results that catered to their specific desires.  They could clearly see where their money would be going with each honeymoon package option.  It was easy to choose the perfect honeymoon from that point.  The whole process took about 2-hours over the course of 3-days for them and they couldn’t be happier!



Leisure Vacation

A retired Veteran decided it was time to act on a promise he made years ago.  He had promised his wife that one day he would take her to a beautiful destination, outside of the States.  They would travel the world together.  He extended the invite to include other couples within the growing family.  Wherever they went EVERYONE needed to LOVE the location.  With the help of an experienced vacation planner the entire group chose from a few possible options and all agreed on the same place.  The resort offers a beautiful beach, plenty of restaurants to satisfy everyone’s pallet, an environment that allows the couples to partake in as little or as much as they would like, is able to accommodate the traveler with disabilities, and remains within the varying budgets amongst the group.  The island also offers a variety excursion options to provide an off-site adventure.  They can’t wait and it was much easier to finalize the trip than they originally thought it would be.

"Work Hard.  Play hard." 

Leisure Vacation

A hardworking couple works hard in order to be able to enjoy life’s adventures.  In previous years they always had time to plan their own vacation, but this year things were different.  Business grew and life got very busy.  They needed a vacation quick!  Crunched for time and only having a small window of time for travel, she began her research.  It was a struggle to find room availability, a place that satisfied their tastes, and was within budget.  The stress was palatable.  Remembering Soulshine Travel Company, it was time to delegate this very important task to someone who had the time, knowledge, and inside information to do so. Within days the couple chose a property that not only fit the above criteria but also included their specific hobbies.  They were forever grateful to save time, eliminate stress and confusion, and reserve the perfect accommodations for the much needed vacation. 

"Thank you! It was a fantastic vacation. Much better than I would have imagined. Loved every minute." 

- V. Milosevich


A group of friends wanted to travel somewhere tropical.  They wanted to find the right all-inclusive resort for their needs.  Each couple had a different idea of the perfect room, their own comfortable budgets, and one traveler has special dietary needs.  They needed a place that offered the perfect room based on their individual desires, a place that is also within budget, and a place that could accommodate special dietary needs and make certain there are plenty of meal options to choose from at EACH restaurant; therefore, getting the most value from their budget.  Within a short meeting with Soulshine Travel Company, they felt confident they would find the perfect spot.  Upon receiving their top 3 recommendations, they chose the top pick.  Everyone was able to upgrade their room, come in under budget, and the traveler with special dietary needs will be meeting with the resort’s chef upon arrival to custom build even more menu options.


It was honeymoon planning time and a couple only knew that they wanted to experience a very specific excursion and stay at an all-inclusive resort.  There are a thousands of possible options on the internet and you can’t always trust what you read or see.  People’s opinions on places are just that, opinions.  She did not feel comfortable utilizing the opinions of complete strangers to plan the honeymoon.  Knowing the importance of this very special once-in-a-lifetime trip, it could not go wrong and it was best left to a professional.  The couple was able to share their personal opinions on what they would find valuable or not in a dream honeymoon destination and accommodations.  They were able to choose from few options that satisfied their preferences instead of hundreds. Their favorite honeymoon package aligned with the excursions schedule and they now have wonderful lifelong memories of the perfect honeymoon.

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